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E-Sensial proposes non-intrusive instrumentation, software and expertise
to analyse and monitor critical technical issues in high temperatures and complex environments.

Thermal-mechanical fatigue

Why monitoring thermal fatigue?

Thermal-mechanical fatigue is a usual phenomenon occuring when materials undergo thermal cycles without possibility to expand and contract freely. Tees, mixing zones and some weldings particularly suffer from such phenomenon.

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Our instrumentation

Our solution enables you to measure temperature on localised areas and get accurate thermal loads then used in input of software. It has several advantages :

  • High accuracy : 1,3°C at 350°C
  • Non-intrusive instrumentation : no impact on the pipe
  • Quick and easy installation : <5min
  • Limited dosimetry for personnel in nuclear power plants
  • No maintenance needed for 13 months in the reactor building
  • Reusable on other equipment

It is suitable for all geometries : straight pipes, elbows, and steam headers weldings


Our expert software

Our solutions enable you to :

  • Detect thermal stratification to adapt your inspection and maintenance strategies
  • Calculate in real time the Cumulative Usage Factor (CUF) with a reduced uncertainty margin to optimise lifetime of your component
  • Analyse impact of operating modes to adapt your process

Our references

French utility EDF chose our patented solution to instrument their nuclear power plants. 70 pipe clamps are currently used in their nuclear fleet.

EDF success

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