E-Sensial proposes non-intrusive instrumentation, software and expertise
to analyse and monitor critical technical issues in high temperatures and complex environments.

Why monitoring Corrosion?

Corrosion and Flow Accelerated Corrosion are phenomena damaging pipe materials. It depends on chemical composition of water, temperature and materials caracteristics (especially chromium content). It caused several accidents, especially in Mihama nuclear power plant in 2004 where 5 workers were killed.

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Our instrumentation

Our solution enables you to measure continuously pipe thickness with several advantages :

  • Can be installed on a large range of pipes (from 30cm to 5500cm diameter)
  • High maximum temperature : 550°C
  • High accuracy : 0,1 mm
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Our expert software

Our solution enables you to :

  • Monitor pipe thickness in critical areas
  • Prevent steam leaks and pipe rupture
  • Optimise your inspection program : it avoids systematic and unnecessary inspections
  • Reduce costs due to limited inspection volumes

An alarm alerts you as soon as minimal thickness is reached

Our references

French utility EDF chose our solution to instrument several penstocks of their hydropower plants.

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