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Nuclear power plants

Nuclear safety is a priority. Components face high temperatures, ionizing radiations, plants are ageing and operate in a complex, volatile market. Competition demands to reach the highest level of performance. Operators must demonstrate the long-term safety of their plants.

Our solutions enable you to :

  • Monitor precisely temperature distribution around and along pipes and components, cumulative usage factor and remaining lifetime. This is highly important for primary circuit piping or dead end
  • Measure water level in the primary circuit during outages

70 pipe clamps are currently used in EDF nuclear power plants to demonstrate and improve the long-term safety of its primary circuit.

Fossil-fuel power plants

Fossil fuel power plants generate 40% of the European electricity. They were designed for base load duties. But rising renewables and new market rules force them to operate in cycling modes. Cycling creates additional constraints and fatigue on components.

E-Sensial is continuously developing innovative solutions. Our recent successes :

  • Monitoring solution on desuperheaters to detect valve leakage and thermal fatigue on the pipe
  • Monitoring solution on steam headers weldings
  • Optical instrument to measure temperature on the inner wall of a boiler
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Hydropower plants

Hydropower plants are located in isolated sites. Penstocks and equipment face harsh climatic conditions and must have the highest reliability. European water regulation increases constraints on plant operators.

Our solutions enable you to :

  • Monitor continuously the thickness of your penstock to optimise their lifetime

Oil & Gas

Oil facilities are usually isolated in difficult outdoor climatic areas. Components undergo accelerated fatigue and work continuously. Anticipating and performing maintenance is ultra challenging.

Our solutions support efficient operation and maintenance of oil facilities with automatic remote data acquisition and processing :

  • Non-instrusive instrumentation to monitor any parameters (temperature, thickness, vibrations…) up to 500°C
  • Low cost, energy autonomous, wireless solution to monitor thickness of pipes at 150°C.
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Process industries

Process industries must operate at stable full load. Facilities extend over large areas with intricated piping networks. Maintenance is thus complex and costly. Data acquisition is usually limited to scattered, simple intrusive sensors. Monitoring complex infrastructure hotspots and understanding in detail the potential impacts is absolutely vital.

E-Sensial develops customised solutions, which are easy and quick to install, resuable, non-intrusive and particularly useful to complement existing process sensors.


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